Breakfast Street Tacos Tacos are ‘the thing’ right now…. they’re as cool as crimpers in the 80’s, Spice Girls in the 90’s and Myspace in the early 2000’s. You see it everywhere #TacoTuesday #TacosAreLife #FeedMeTacos (ok, that last one isn’t so popular, but it should be!) So jump on this taco trend and have some breakfast tacos! These are so delicious and …hey… you don’t have to wait until Tuesday!! Eat them today and tomorrow and the next day… keep it going until they’re no longer “on fleek” (I’m trying to be cool, clearly!)

male to female ratio dating in jacksonville florida The best thing about these tacos are they’re HEALTHY!! Radical! (that’s the real me… I prefer Rad to Fleek, any day)

Ok ok… Here’s the recipe…



buy tinidazole 500mg Breakfast Street Tacos

What you need:

1 chicken sausage

1 egg

2 small soft corn tortillas

3 TBSP salsa

How to:

Slice sausage or remove from casing & brown in skillet, add egg. Toast or warm tortillas and fill with egg & sausage. Top with salsa!

*Tip: Removing sausage from its casing is a good way to blend with other ingredients.

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