I can’t thank you enough for not only showing me how easy it is to eat right, but to help me change my lifestyle! I would in A LOT before and eat right here and there. I’m finding myself not even wanting unhealthy “cheat” meals but really focusing on how much better I feel when I eat right. Your meal plan is so affordable and all of the recipes are easy and delicious. I’ve been following you on Instagram and doing your at home workout videos every night! I’m the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been! I appreciate you so much! Thank you!!

Ashley Mergl

As a stay at home mom I was in need of an exercise and diet program that I could do in the comfort of my own home and see results! I contacted Elyse; she immediately encouraged me with a positive, and results driven approach. She created, specifically for me, a weekly exercise regime, as well as an easy to follow daily diet plan that included fat burning foods and snacks. After just one week, I had started noticing a difference in the way my clothes were feeling! I had finally found a trainer that helped me learn how to eat as well as how to exercise for optimum weight loss and tone! Elyse keeps me accountable, encouraged, and FIT!


Being a genetically thin person but a self-proclaimed “skinny-fat person” I didn’t quite understand the importance of eating healthy because I was thin and raised on fast food. It was until my mid-twenties when I began my quest to get fit and make some very necessary diet changes. Although all my hard work soon came to an abrupt halt when I began experiencing health problems. I took a two-year diet and exercise hiatus which took a great toll on my overall health, body, and energy levels. It was through social media that I stumbled across Elyse’s website and I knew instantly she would be the one to really kick start my diet and exercise regimen. Elyse provided me with a whole new perspective on the proper balanced nutrition and exercise routines. She provided me with delicious meal plans which included several choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Elyse also introduced me to foods that I would otherwise overlook at the grocery store. I had to do an overall restructure of the way I purchased and consumed food but Elyse was with me every step of the way. As I’ve dropped several inches around my waist and have experienced increased energy levels, I attribute this success to Elyse… she is the best!

Ariana Guerrero from Los Angeles, CA.

After feeling something was wrong in my body, not being able to breath, chest pains and a hard time walking. I knew it was time to make a change in my life! I found Elyse and she was able to put together a plan that was right for me. The meals were satisfying and very delicious! Being able to eat every couple hours made me feel like I wasn’t starving myself like most diets. With Elyse’s constant online support she has given me the tools I needed to succeed in my journey. As of now I’m happy to say I’am down 88lbs and counting. I have so much energy and finally have control of my life. Thank you so much Elyse, I owe it all to you!

Linda Burr

Hi Elyse, just wanted to say thank you for the meal plan. We love it! I have incorporated all the meals and snacks into our entire household. Super helpful for me to grab and pack things that I have prepped ahead of time.


Elyse is more than a personal trainer, she is a life saver. At 4’11, I weighed 153lbs and now I weigh 116lbs. She transformed the way I look at food by educating me on nutrition. Paired with innovative and challenging workouts, I am reaching my next goal in life… running a half marathon. Without her, this would have not been possible! Thanks Elyse!!!


I’ve paid thousands of dollars to work trainers before and I didn’t get the results that I had hoped for. I figured this was probably going to be the same. After chatting with Elyse via email, she made me feel so confident that I would reach my goals and that she would be there every step of the way. Wow was she right, in the first three weeks on her plan I lost an amazing 11 lbs and still counting!! I’ve learned so much from her and I’m excited to continue my journey to healthy living! Thank you Elyse for all you’ve done for me, you’ve changed my life!

Lindsay Grossman

I had hit the wall with diets and had tried everything.. I’d even lost weight, but always gained it back. When I decided to get on a plan with Elyse, it was a whole new approach. It wasn’t about starvation, it was about making healthy food taste good, with innovation and new recipes. It has changed my whole approach with food, and is something that I will continue with because I want to, not because I have to.

Alex Riede

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elyse and competing in her “Holiday Fit Challenge” for the past two years. She truly dedicates time to get to know each contestant on a personal level: their likes and dislikes for food, their time commitment, their physical abilities; and caters each meal and exercise plan specific to each person. The plan she devised for me was made just for me to achieve the goals I set for myself. She was always so willing to accommodate any special circumstances, adjust plans accordingly, and even allowed “cheat meals”! I never felt like I had a coach telling me what to do, I felt like I had a friend guiding me to become the best person I am capable of being. I absolutely will recommend Elyse to anyone looking for a little kick in the pants. Down 27lbs. since the beginning of the Fit Challenge


I fit into my clothes SOO much better now, even my husband notices the difference!

Amy Quinn

I noticed my body got a lot stronger on Elyse’s plan, hence the 50 regular push-ups (I could barely do 10 before!). Thanks a lot for the recipes and restaurant guide they were super helpful! My diet has completely changed and I am way more aware of what I am eating and how my body feels afterward! Thanks for everything, I learned so much!!

Emily Gastrow

Dear Elyse, hello and thank you for this challenge. I love the fit mommies ( wish I would have know about it while pregnant) and want to try fit in 15 after I finish fit mommies. I found the food plan and prep really saved me and helped me to make healthier options even on go and out (most of time )and easy prep meals so thank you so much for that I will continue to implement them into my daily life. We will be doing a little traveling but with planning and prep and my workout able to travel anywhere I feel confident I will reach my goals through out these next couple months.


I enjoyed the Fit in 15 videos! I loved how efficient they were & that they didn’t require any equipment. There were definitely a few days that I wouldn’t have exercised at all if I didn’t have a 15 minute option at home. I am curious to try the Fit Mamas one too.


“I was tired… Tired of felling like crap, tired of the way I looked, and tired of trying every mainstream diet and failing. Turns out, I was failing the same way most people fail. Start a diet and expect instant results, then binge like crazy because it doesn’t work. Then I hired Elyse, a friend of mine from junior high, as a remote coach/nutritionist. She explained the issue that was holding me back and re-educated me on the building blocks of nutrition and why it matters. Then she custom-built me both a diet and workout plan that fit my goals. There was nothing extreme about the diet plan – just a weekly list of the foods I should be eating, how to make it, and when I should eat it and why. We would meet often via Skype and chat via email and text. I felt like she was with me the entire journey. Fast-forward 6 months and I lost 80lbs and felt like my high-school self. I had endless amounts of energy and was constantly looking for new fitness adventures. I have three kids and I love that I can keep up with them without getting tired. Since I’ve worked with Elyse I haven’t stopped eating healthy and living a fitness lifestyle. Now I run marathons, complete in CrossFit events, and look and feel great. I can’t thank Elyse enough for all her help!”

Billy Coover