Few of My Favorite Things

Ok seriously… there are sooo many fitness & health related products out there. It’s overwhelming! Which ones do you need? Which ones are the best? Do they work? Are they good? How do you choose? Ahhh… it’s too much! People rush to buy fad after fad – low fat, low carb, step counter, calorie counter, energy booster, fat shrinker… I mean, come on!

For me, I’m a minimalist when it comes to fitness… and that’s saying a lot cause in pretty much every other area of life, I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum. I overdo clothes, shopping, nail polish, brushing my teeth haha.. you get the idea.

Back to the “stuff” now… so, I’m not a product freak. Being fit isn’t about how much fancy workout stuff or supplements you have. You really don’t need much to get in shape, just some motivation & a few of my favs to help you along the way. Here are my top three fitness favorites…

  1. Bra tanks – If you can skip one step in your morning workout prep, that’s more time to workout before the kids wake up or before you rush to work. I sometimes even ditch shoes cause lacing up takes another minute – haha. (Side note: barefoot works are great to do on occasion to work a whole new set of supporting muscles in your feet and legs) So, I love workout tops that have bras built in! Throw on some bottoms & a tank… and you’re ready. I personally love Lululemon’s (Click Here) cause its loose and breathable for hot sweat sessions! Oh and they’re super cute!


  1. Organic Muscle – Protein powders and workout drinks are everywhere! All promising to be the best. Well, this one is! It’s all-natural, gluten-free, plant based,  lactose free & tasty! What else to do you need? Stop with those chemically made powders. Simply put – they’re unhealthy! The goal of fitness it to be healthy! Go natural!! Click Here At check out, you can use my discount code “FitElyse” to save 15%


  1. Interval timer – I love this little cute pink gadget! I do a lot of HITT in my workouts to get in a killer workout in a short amount of time. This little cutie is my coach, buzzing at me when it’s time to switch. Thirty seconds of burpees can feel like 20 minutes! An interval timer’s job is to make sure you don’t cut it short by assuming you’ve done enough. No slacking, keep jumping until the buzzer goes!


So there you have it! That’s about all I use in my daily fitness routine. I rarely use workout equipment, either. Keeping it simple, means I can do my workouts anywhere. I drink a quick protein shake, throw on my bra tank & grab my interval timer… then sweat!

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