Hardest “Exercise”

During a recent photo shoot for Icon Fitness I had to do 40 different exercises …hold, hold, hold… snap, snap …”got it!” The shoot was for a new iFit workout program and my job was to demonstrate the exercises so they can build a chart for clients.

First, it was hair and makeup. Would you believe this was the longest part of the day? That’s not saying a lot for my non-makeup looks – lol! Once I was all made-up (to look like I wasn’t wearing much makeup), it’s off to wardrobe. Oh, I wish all of these clothes were mine!



Then, it’s go time! Lunges, squats, burpees, more burpees, some crazy burpees I’ve never heard of, push-ups, jumping thingies …. I nailed them all! 😉

IMG_9403  IMG_9401

BUT then it came to the tough one. The one that took take after take after take. The one that I laughed at because “is this really considered an exercise?”. Happy Baby! Yes, I’ve heard of it, I’ve done it in yoga class. It always seemed like a silly move to me. So there I was getting into the Happy Baby position and I COULD NOT hold it! My spine sticks out further than most and I have crazy tight hamstrings, so every time I’d go to grab my feet in this pose, I’d roll to one side. It tooks several takes, lots of tweaks and some laughs to finally get it done “ok-ish” haha. Sadly, no pictures of the out-takes. Darn.

So, I learned that sometimes the most “simple” move can be a move that challenges you the most and reveals areas that you need to work on. While I can’t do anything about my weird spine, I did learn that I need to stretch more and get those hamstrings limber. I’m terrible with stretching… I almost never do it. Yikes! That all changes now… Happy Baby, here I come!


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