Never Buy Hummus Again

Hummus!!! I love it… My son loves it… My husband, well… he likes it 😉

We used to go through a big tub every week… now I make our own. We still go through a ton, but I love knowing every ingredient that goes into it – all organic. I also love trying out new variations (beet, jalepeno, red pepper, classic, avocado…etc).

Our son eats it by the spoonful and would probably be happy simply eating hummus for his entire meal. On some days, that’s all I can get him to eat. His favs are classic and jalepeno flavors.

After his sandwich, he asked for more “dip”

Almost every day, I eat a sandwich with Dave’s Killer Bread, hummus, beets, cucumber, jicama, tomato, spinach & avocado. It’s my go-to lunch and I love it!! Tilman (our son) often eats a sandwich with Dave’s Killer Bread, hummus and Tillamook sharp cheddar.. with a side of peas. Yum!



Here’s how I make it…


What you need:

1 can organic garbanzo beans, drained

juice from 1/2 lemon

2-3tsp cumin

1tsp sea salt

1TBSP tahini

1-2 cloves garlic

2-5 TBSP water (depending on the consistency you like)

How to:

Blend or use food processor.

Optional add-ins:

1/2 avocado (try adding some chili powder too)

1/4C steamed & sliced beets

1/4C roasted or grilled red peppers

1/4C jalepenos (we get tamed in a jar)

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