Summer Grillin’

It’s kinda strange that summer-time is grilling time. It’s 90 plus degrees outside here in SLC and we all think it’s the perfect time to stand by the hot grill and try to avoid the sweat from dripping onto the chicken… But I do it, we all do it – cause grilled food, BBQs and summer just go together.

In our home, we grill year-round… even in our snow boots. Grilling is the perfect way to cook a bunch of food all at once without making the house smell like a restaurant. Yuck! We usually make up a bunch of meat & veggies to eat throughout the week on salads, sandwiches and in wraps. Doesn’t get much easier or clean-eating than that.

This week, I made a bunch of zucchini, squash, chicken thighs and chicken breasts. The veggies were sprinkled with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lime, then grilled to perfection… if I must say so myself.



Here’s how I did the chicken…


Asian Chicken Thighs

What you need:

1LB chicken thighs, fat trimmed off

1/3C low sugar teriyaki sauce (5 grams per serving, max)

1/4C sesame seeds

How to:

Trim fat off thighs. Mix sauce and seeds in bowl. Marinate chicken is seed sauce for 1 hour or more. Grill.


Lime Pepper Chicken

What you need:

1LB chicken breasts

1/4C lime juice

sea salt & pepper to taste

How to:

Drizzle lime juice over breasts in a shallow bowl. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Mix around so juice and seasonings cover all sides. Grill. I often squeeze a little more lime on as I’m grilling it.


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