Family Photo Shoot

It’s always fun coming across ads that I worked on, but that excitement was taken to a whole new level when I saw one of the ads that my little boy & hubby joined me in!! We recently did a photo shoot for the iFit Sleep HR sensor. It was super fun!!


Here’s one of the ads… That’s my boy! Front & center!!! And that’s my big boy in the background!  It was such a fun experience to have the whole family on set!! Tilman did fantastic and loved every second of the 10 hour day! He didn’t want to leave and said “more pictures!” I’d say he’s a natural 😉 Here are some of the behind the scenes shots…


Tilman stayed busy, riding his bike during breaks.









Joyah was busy crusing in her walker


And here’s one of the finished products! The little girl was our pretend daughter since baby Joyah was still too litle to fully join in… but this sweetie fit in nicely 😉

Ifitbed 18376

What a hard day of work, right?! Ha! Can I do this everyday?!

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