Meal Prep – Baby Edition

I’m in LOVE with this new product I recently came across…Wee Sprout Reusable Food Pouches!



If you’re a follower, you know how passionate I am about making my own ORGANIC baby food. I made all of my son’s baby food (he’s now 3) and now I’m busy steaming, & blending for our bay girl, too! My toddler is such a healthy eater – he loves salmon, beets, coconut oil instead of butter, spinach applesauce and won’t eat brownies, fried food or pizza. Maybe he’s odd (haha) OR perhaps it’s thanks to all the fresh food I fed him as an infant and continue to feed him. I’ll take credit and say my hard work paid off ;-)… so I’ll do it again with baby girl.

 Ok… back to these amazing pouches!! They’ve made feeding and storing food so much easier. Joyah started feeding herself at only 6 months old, thanks to the Wee Sprout pouches! She loves them! With a big brother to look up to, I think she’s just showing off when she sucks down her peas all on her own 😉

With these pouches, all you do is make the food and then fill them up through the double zipper bottom, zip closed and feed. No spoons or bowls needed – no extra dishes to clean…YAY! Then simply rinse out and reuse or put in the dishwasher. You can also make big batches ahead of time and freeze these (which is what we did for a recent vacation).

To make it even easier… we got their freezer tray…


You just put the blended food in the tray, freeze and then pop out one or two cubes when you’re ready for them, place in pouch, defrost (or bring along in the diaper bag for later) and eat.

Seriously… You’ve got to try these out!! We are loving them! Oh, and the design of the pouch is too cute!!! click here to shop Wee Sprout

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