Steelcut Oats Everyday

How would you like apple pie for breakfast? Yum!!! I’ll take it! Who wouldn’t want to start off the day with “apple pie”?? I eat it all the time!

So… it’s not REAL apple pie. It’s better! Healthier, easier & more beneficial for your waist. I’m talking steelcut apple pie oatmeal.

I love slow cooker oats! I make a large batch once a week and then our family eats it each morning. I have seriously been eating oatmeal every morning for as long as I can remember! At night, I look forward to my yummy breakfast in the morning. Ok, so I might be a littke odd. Don’t judge.

Even though it’s oatmeal everyday, I like to mix it up with different add-ins … berries, ┬ápumpkin, cherries, cocoa, coconut, etc. We usually top it off with plain Greek yogurt & chia seeds. My hubby likes a TBSP of pure Maple syrup on his & I sprinkle cinnamon on mine. The kiddos take it straight up…oats & yogurt.

Eat it warmer or enjoy it cold! It also travels well, in a little jar, when you’re rushing out the door!


What you need:
2C steelcut oats (I use Bob’s Red Mill)
6C water (or 1 can coconut milk w/ 4C water)
1TBSP pure vanilla extract
1TBSP cinnamon
2 apples (any variety), chopped or other fruit (frozen works great)

How to:
Place all ingredients in slow cooker and turn on low. Cook 4-6 hours. If it looks dry, add more water. For a softer consistency, add an additional cup of water.

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