Burpee Challenge

Every time I have my clients do burpees.. I hear “I hate burpees.”

I get it though… I mean what’s not to hate? Haha! You have to jump, hop down to the ground, do a push up & jump more… over and over. While I understand the dislike… I always say “if you don’t like it, you need to do more.”

Naturally, we don’t like things we aren’t good at or things that are hard… but the more you do them, the easier they’ll get and the better you’ll be. You might even start to like them… a teeny tiny bit!

So here’s my BURPEE CHALLENGE. I want you to do burpsee EVERY DAY for the next two weeks. It’s a 14 day challenge that’ll get you better at burpees while whipping your whole body into shape.

I’ll make it fun by giving you different variations & I’ll let you know how many to do each day. You’ll need to follow me on Instagram (@FitElyse) to see my daily “BURPEE CHALLENGE” posts. Follow along. Comment on my posts & tag me in your own burpee posts so I can keep you accountable. I’m even going to select one lucky winner who shows complete commitment to get a special surprise!

It all starts on January 23rd.

Let’s get burpee-ing!!!

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