Dream Big

I’m in awe by the outpour of support & love I’ve received throughout my Next Fitness Star journey! All of the social media posts, votes, shout outs, texts, etc have truly been a huge win for me.

I’ve been sold out to fitness & health for most of my life. It’s more than a passion, it’s really who I am. It was always a dream of mine to be on the cover of a fitness magazine, but after having kids, I figured I’d make new dreams. Ones that were all about family & my kiddos. Dreams for them to be happy and to succeed in life. Dreams for safety & health. Dreams of a happily ever after. I felt like it was too much to also dream and pray for my own (perhaps silly or trivial) dreams.

But then I realized… I need to not only set my own goals, but I need to reach them – not only for me, but for my family and kids. As a mama, it’s critical to set the example to my children that we don’t give up on what we want… we must work and work until we get where we want to be. This is our one life, our one shot… so be all that you want!

The winner for the Next Fitness Star will be announced in a couple weeks… August 15th on the Insider. The winner gets their own workout video & tons of other opportunities. Of course, I’d love to win… but if i don’t… does that mean my dreams didn’t come true? That I didn’t reach my goal? That I let myself or my family down? Absolutely not! You see, my goal was to be on the cover.. and I am.


Haha…  Lol.. Ok, kidding aside. It would be a dream to win, but if I don’t… I won’t stop. I also have this burning desire to make my own workout video that goes big! I’ve considered writing a recipe book for family meal-time. I have a lot of things up my sleeve and wether I win this competition or not, you haven’t seen the end of me. I’ll keep working, keep pushing and keep dreaming. In the meantime, my littles will be learning lessons in reality! The reality of life is… we must work for what we want, never expect things to fall in your lap and never get discouraged! In childhood terms.. be the little engine who could. And you WILL!


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