Fit Family

With two little kids, working out is what keeps me sane… well, semi-sane. I can’t say I don’t still go a little crazy most days, but a good sweat session certainly helps me keep my cool.

I love waking up before the kids and getting some “me” time. I feel so accomplished after spending 20-30 minutes pushing myself and working my body to the limit. Most days, I workout in our garage gym… but sometimes I like to zone out and hit the road for a run. There’s something so therapeutic about running in silence and letting my mind wander. This morning, I snapped this beauty…

This gave me peace and motivation as I entered the day ahead.



On days that I can’t get in a workout before the kids wake, I have them join me. I use them as my weights or just have them hang with me as I try to set a positive example of an active lifestyle. Raising a fit family is my goal and I strive to inspire others to do the same. My little fam of four did a workout video shoot a couple weeks ago and you’ll soon be able to sweat it out with us! Yay! Stay tuned…


Getting fit while caring for littles is tough! I write this as my 11 month old is screaming at my feet because she … actually… I have no idea why… She just cries and whines a lot these days… ahhh! Anyway, take time for yourself, to work on yourself. Even if it means you’re not really by youself – haha. Make fitness a priority, you’ll feel much better! I promise!

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