Fitness Star Journey

Pinch me… Throw ice water one me… Am I going to wake up and realize this was all a dream?

About two months ago, my phone rang. Before I answered, I whispered a prayer “please let this call be from Women’s Health” (Hey… you’re supposed to be specific in prayer, right? ha). I grabbed my phone and saw a New York phone number. My legs went numb and my heart raced. Ok, Ok… maybe it’s a telemarketer… Then I answered and my prayer was answered, my dream came true – I was one of 5 finalists in Women’s Health Magazine’s search for the Next Fitness Star.

At the end of April, I was flown out to New York with the other finalists. I started the trip off with a must-needed purchase…


Once I landed, the first thing I did was hit the street for a run to explore the city.


I love running on trips. It’s the perfect way to soak in the city while getting in a sweat! I mapped out the spots I needed to hit up during my (little) downtime.

The next morning… it was MAKEOVER time! We got all pampered at a celebrity salon. The works – hair colored & cut, makeup & nails!


This was all to prep for our big cover shoot the following day. Whaaattt? Is this true? I’m going to be on the COVER of Women’s Health! Pinch me pinch me!

IMG_6479Day 2 – More makeup, hair, wardrope! I love getting my makeup done by different artists. It’s fun to hear  their beauty favs and tricks.

Next up – photos, photos, photos!! All day!


After a long day of poses, exercises & lots of fun… I headed back to the hotel to see my babies…. on Facetime. I called just in time for bath 😉 Awww… I sure missed my cuties!


This trip was 4 days. We did photo shoots, video shoots, meeting, planning, wardrope planning and some exploring and shopping – of course!! Bloomingdales? Yes, please!


What a whirlwind! Then, 6 weeks later… I was back to NYC again! The finalists were invited Exhale Fusion Fest where we got to workout with readers & share our fitness tips!

IMG_7947 Through all of this, we had to be shhhh. No one could know the big secret… until last night! The Insider kicked off the voting and made it official!

In many ways, I’ve already won! This experience has been nothing short of dream-like! But there’s only one NEXT FITNESS STAR & now, I need your support & help! You have a choice in who will become THE NEXT FITNESS STAR and get to have their own workout video.

Go to To learn more about me and the other girls, vote & to get new workouts each week! You can vote once a day through August 5th! The winner will be revealed on The Insider on August 15th.


The magazine hits shelves on June 28th!

I’m so honored and thankful to be in this spot and I thank you all for your support and love, in advance. Go go go … vote 😉




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