A &itch of an Itch

Have you ever had an itch? Not like a mosquito bite, not dry skin, but an uncontrollable, unstoppable extreme itch? On and off, for the past year, I’ve suffered from the worst itch… UNDER my skin. It’s only in one area at the top of my right arm. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt. There’s no rash, no hives, no visible sign of anything at all!

I could scratch and scratch the area, but the itch didn’t stop it. It gave me massive anxiety and fogged my mind. I couldn’t focus, I’d just fear the itch until it came back (Most days at around 5-5:30 and again when I’d lay down at night). It would last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. It almost felt like bugs crawling inside my arm. To be honest, I kinda wished that it was bugs… cause then I’d have answers. I’d be able to get some meds to kill the bugs and I’d be itch-free. But no, it wasn’t bugs. I went to the dermatologist, regular family doctor, had intensive blood work down, tested for food allergies and I read countless articles on “itch without rash”, “itching under the skin”, you name it. I eliminated gluten, dairy, histimic foods, chocolate, caffeine, protein bars. I tried essential oils, steroid creams, Benadryl, icy hot… and I prayed… man, did I pray!!! The only thing that would bring relief was ice to numb it!!

Some nights I’d sleep with ice on my arm, some night I’d cry myself to sleep, every night I stressed and wondered what on earth was causing this. If you’ve never had a deep itch or hives, you probably think I’m dramatic, but this was some serious stuff.

You may notice I’m saying “was“…? I’m half scared to say it, but it just might be healed. It’s so crazy and almost unbelievable what just might have been the answer… the chiropractor and acupuncture. In my countless hours of research, I came across a study that said sometimes a pinched nerve can lead to intense itching. Seems strange, right? Well, I have a wonderful friend whose husband suffered from this itch, too. His stopped after a chiropractic adjustment. I was skeptical, but really had nothing left to try. So I called a natural healing chiropractor (I always prefer the natural approach). I begged them to get me in ASAP and they were able to squeeze me in the next day. After the first appointment, I felt less stress and no itch that night. This was the first itch-free night in at least a month. The next night it itched a little for about 10 minutes. I decided to go back in to the chiropractor since these things can take a few treatments to heal. He once again adjusted my neck and back… where he said I was super stiff and had a couple pinched nerves. Now, I’m going on 2 weeks without a major itch! I’m in awe and still can’t even believe it! I can’t even express how thankful I am!! Again, this sounds dramatic, but it feels like I have my life back. I’m less stressed, less foggy and not itchy! Hooray.. Praise Jesus!!

I can once again fully enjoy and embrace my sweet babies & hubby!!


I felt led to share this because I know there are so so many other people suffering from this. I read so many forums and tear-filled blogs about itching. It can run your life, cause depression, lack of sleep, anxiety and greatly reduce quality of life. I hope someone who is going through this, finds this blog and tries the chiropractor or a massage therapist or someone that can get into the nerves. I hope others can find healing and happiness! Hugs!!

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