Habitual Eating Makes You Healthier

We all know that healthy habits lead to a healthy life. Eating clean and exercise are some great habits to have. The firmer those habits are, the better the results. I’ve personally found this to be especially true when it comes to habitual eating. I eat the same breakfast EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING! I’ve done it for years… yes, years. I swear it’s a little secret to clean eating success.

I love oatmeal. I don’t know how I haven’t gotten sick of it. I can’t even remember not eating it for breakfast. I even bring little packets with me when we travel. I do mix up the mix ins. I’ll add berries or pumpkin or some nuts or chia seeds, maybe coconut flakes or cherries or cinnamon and peanut butter or Greek yogurt – and almost always, I add protein powder. I do change that up, but the base… the heart of my breakfast is in the oats.Â

When you take away the questions of “what to eat” or “what do I feel like eating”, you’re almost removing the not-so-good responses, like “pancakes” or “cinnamon rolls” or “frosted flakes”. Instead, it become routine or habit. You grab the oats and don’t have to think about it. For me, this makes busy mornings extra easy. I mean, all you do is microwave for 1-2 Â minutes and it’s done.Â

Research can back me up, too. It’s been proven that eating the same things over and over can help you stick to a cleaner diet and get better results. People have a hard time with choices and more importantly temptation. Without a plan, you’ll give in to convienece or those hungry taste buds. Automating your meals or meal, saves you time and money! You can shop in bulk, prep ahead and have meals ready to go.

Now, you don’t have to eat the same thing for every meal, every day. That would simply be boring and then you’d actually miss out on key vitamins and nutrients. So do mix things up. Start with keeping one meal a day the same for a week or two. Plan it out so you know what you’ll be having. Shop in bulk and take out the guessing for that meal. The other meals can have more variety, but I do recommend having a plan for them as well. If you get sick of your “habit meal” switch it up for a new recipe or try a different meal of the day as your “habit”.

I also like to cycle through “habit snacks”. When you grab for a snack, it’s typically cause you’re hungry and a hungry mind is starved of willpower. Each week shop for a couple quick snacks and have enough for two snacks a day. My typical go-to’s are protein bars, chia bars, string cheese and apples. They’re all portion controlled and easy to take along in my purse.

When you’re eating healthy for at least one meal and two snacks a day, it’s more likely that you’ll keep the other two meals healthier, as well. Youe mind will already be tuned into a fit habit where there’s no room for a large fry!

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