Disney’s Fittest Foods

It’s magical, it’s exhausting, it’s fast paced, it’s thrilling. It’s the happiness place on Earth. And there’s food… oh the food! The refreshing Dole Whips, the churros you can hunt down with your nose, the other-worldly Monte Cristo sandwich and those loaded Mickey waffles.

Ok, let’s stop dreaming of those calorie-packed treats and re-focus. You will be walking… a ton! But that doesn’t give you free reign to chow. There are actually a lot of healthy options at the happiest place on earth!

Our kiddos love Disney! What kid doesn’t? But they’re picky eaters. Well, I’m their mom, so that’s really no surprise. They won’t eat fried food, no hot dogs, no turkey legs (which have 1,000 calories!), they despise mac & cheese, nuggets and grilled cheese. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not perfect eaters by any stretch. They asked for ice-cream and candy everywhere we went, but no parents want sugar-filled, over-stimulated, and eventually wiped-our & grumpy kiddos. With that in mind, we brought our own healthy snacks and stuck with healthy options inside the park (except for a little ice cream).

When choosing items for your littles, keep in mind, just because it’s a “kid’s menu” doesn’t mean your kids have to eat from it. Kid’s meals are typically processed junk. That’s why you don’t pay much for it. Is that what you want to feed your children? What you feed them is their fuel. It feeds their mind and body. Choose healthy foods for your kids and get healthy kids.


Here’s my Top 15 “Healthier Options at Disneyland”
Ranch Del Zocalo – Baked Fish Tacos or Chicken Fired Grilled Chicken (sub black beans and brown rice)

Red Rockett’s Pizza – Planetary Pizza Salad (dressing on the side and use sparingly)

Bengal BBQ – Chieftain Chicken or Vegetable Skewers (Get one of each and make it a meal)

Carnation Cafe – Vegetarian Burger (Try open-faced to save on carbs)

Big Thunder – Vegetarian & Tofu Skewer

Carnation Cafe – Oatmeal with a side of fruit. Instead of brown sugar on the oats, get some honey and/or cinnamon. You can also try the spinach and egg white frittata.

Edelweiss Snacks – Chili Lime Corn on the Cobb.

Market House (Main Street Starbucks) – Fresh fruit of all kinds.

Jolly Holly – Grilled vegetable & whole grain salad. Ask for vinaigrette on the side and use sparingly

 Village Haus – Grilled Chicken Sandwich with fresh fruit

Tiki Juice Bar – Fresh pineapple spear

Tropical Imports – Perhaps the healthiest spot in the happiest place. Fruit, hummus, veggies and variety. Make a snack stop here.

 French Market – French Market Chicken. Get veggies or a salad for your side.

 Cafe Orleans – Cresent City Salad without the pecans (packed with sugar – 140 calories, 6 grams of fat in 2 TBSP). Top with blackened salmon or chicken for added protein.

Downtown Disney Starbucks – Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap


Healthy Ordering Tips

Be picky. Ask for things how you want them. Opt for whole grain bread/bun, black beans over refried, vinaigrette instead of cream dressings.

Ask questions. Get buttery and sugary sauces/dressing on the side or skip completely.

Pack healthy snacks to eat through the day.

Share. If there’s a treat or a cheat you can’t resist, split it with others.

Grilled, baked or blackened. Look for these cooking methods for meats.

Choose protein, veggies & fruit. Skip the white/sugary/refined carbs.

Fresh is best. Fresh fruit & veggies have no additives, nothing hiding. They’re clean and healthy.

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