I’d Rather Run a Marathon!

Family pictures or run 26.2 miles ….. in 100 degrees? Hmmm… That’s a tough call! Seriously! For all of you mamas out there, you know what I mean! All the planning of outfits, shopping, matching, un-matching cause it’s too matchy, organizing, getting ready… oh and then there’s the actual photo day. I could cry right now just thinking about it.

Once everyone is dressed – it’s don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t move or you will wrinkle! Don’t even open your mouth cause you might drool a little, haha.

Ok, now at the shoot… it only gets worse. First off, trying to get two kids to smile and look at the same time is more difficult than getting an elephant to balance on one roller-skate. And the tantrums… oooohh the tantrums! I want to bribe with fruit snacks… but no… no food… it would end up in sissy’s hair, mama’s shirt & son’s whole face. Dad would probably remain clean cause he’d be busy jumping up and down making snorting sounds to attract a smile & a glance. It’s pure craziness to say the least. We were in the midst of this craziness a couple weeks ago.

Joyah didn’t want to smile AT ALL. Tilman was actually being so cute and trying to kiss and hug sis for the camera, but she just pushed him off and made grossed out faces at him. Her hair got messed up and she flipped every time I tried to fix it. These pictures were for HER first birthday, so she was supposed to be the smiley little star. Uh nooo!

Well, we leave there sweating and looking more wrecked than a marathan runner at mile 20. I wanted to cry cause I’m certain we didn’t get a single “ok” shot. I just want to go home, change our clothes and mess up our hair!!! Forget pictures, I say. It’s not worth the hassle… and then this….


And these..


IMG_9907 IMG_9925 IMG_9882-2IMG_0011 IMG_9974

After the craziness of the photo prep and shoot wore off and I saw the end result… I was so thankful for all of the work that went into the event.  It’s just like a workout. There’s prep, there’s doubt, there’s a lot of sweat… but it’s always always worth it!! The reward is worth the effort!

But, I still think I’d rather run a marathon than do this again any time soon.. haha!

Oh.. P.S. Notice that Joyah isn’t smiling in a single picture lol! Oh well, you can’t win them all!

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