Throw it on the Grill

Have I said how much I love grilling? No smell inside the house, fast, and so delicious. Around here, we grill everything! Some of our best meals are when I take a bunch of random veggies and fruits and throw them on the grill. Everything tastes better grilled!


This week I made a run to Trader Joe’s… it’s like my favorite store ever…. second to Nordstrom 😉 haha. I loaded up on produce & meat, then hit the grill. I cut up nectarines, brussels sprouts, cabbage & squash. Added a little olive oil & sea salt, then grilled. To go along with these awesomeness, I cubed some chicken. Then tossed it in smoked paprika, cumin, sea salt, pepper & olive oil. It’s a must try, for sure!! Clean eating that’s easy AND scrumptious… Yes, please!


While I’m at it, let me share another meal I made. With some if this chicken, I created a Couscous salad that my hubby is still faving about 4 days later. Here are the deets…

What you need:IMG_3828

2 grilled chicken breasts

1C uncooked coucous

1 large cucumber

1C cherry tomatoes

3 stalks celery

1 small green bell pepper

2-43 TBSP balsamic vinegar

2 TBSP olive oil

sea salt, oregano & pepper to taste

How to:

Cook couscous according to package. Let cool. Chop veggies. Mix couscous with veggies, balsamic, oil & seasonings. I added in the grilled chicken, but you could opt for a can of garbanzo beans for protein instead.

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