“We Time” Workout

Some days, it’s nearly impossible to get in a workout. I try to wake up before the little ones, but when they decide to rise and shine 2 hours early… my “me time” becomes “we time”.

If you don’t have kiddos, this would pretty much mean your boss calls you to come in 2 hours early. He then sits in your office all day throwing demands at you… and he follows you to the bathroom, too. Eeek! Scary thought.

Anyway, kids are like mini bosses. They run the show… well, at least mine do (don’t judge, no one is perfect lol). So, when my boss babies give me an early wake up call and throw a curve ball into my workout routine… I just roll with it. Literally! I get out my exercise balls and bands and have them join me. Yes, skipping the workout does cross my mind. I mean, it would be pretty easy to lay on the couch and watch Moana for the 111th time, but I look at it this way… “how will I feel later today?” There are really only two answers:

  1. I’ll keep thinking about that missed workout, thinking I should’ve just done it. And I’ll feel resentment toward my bosses.
  2. I’ll be energized and happier, so I can wipe faces, make meals and play legos with a smile…. oh and my booty will feel toned.

I always choose #2. I’m really helping everyone out by busting out a sweat. My kids absolutely love riding on my shoulders, crawling under my planks, rolling on the balls and playing with the bands. They give me an extra push while asking (or demanding – they are the bosses, you know) for more squat rides on my shoulders.

For 20-30 minutes we laugh, work and play. “Me time” is definitely needed… but sometimes “we time” is just what you need.

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